Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Musings Over a Can of Pringles

Regular readers of my blog (I'm kind of a big deal in Nova Scotia) are probably aware that, among other things, I have a blog. Sometimes, I post entries in said blog. I just realized I hadn't done so in quite awhile--which is odd, since I've had an eventful past few weeks, training for the Kumite and being named Time Magazine's Man Most Likely to Create a Quantum Singularity by Staring Really Hard at a Doughnut Hole.

Anyway, I've also been working on the second novel in my series. My goal has been to write a rough draft of one chapter each day, or do one chapter's worth of editing. I stuck with that for about five days, then leveled out a bit. Another of the many problems I have is that I forget to, you know, take breaks. Well, and my medication, but that's another issue.

In other news, I'm still doing that thing where I exchange childishly hopeful application materials for rejection letters from university hiring committees around the country. But my third poetry book, "Damnatio Memoriae," should be out soon--along with "Pure Elysium," my fifth chapbook. I have a couple readings lined up this summer and I'm still hoping to take at trip back to Iowa and inhabit a space/time similar to those humans with whom I have a biological relationship.

Has anybody been reading up on past (obviously failed) doomsday predictions? I get a real kick out of these. I admit it: I watch those ubiquitous Nostradamus specials on the History Channel, even though they're what I like to call "fucking stupid." My favorite thing is how these wannabe-prophets have to backpedal, claim they either forgot to carry the two in their calculations ("No, it'll be NEXT May!") or God must have changed his mind. Which is itself a somewhat disturbing thought. From an Old Testament perspective, God’s mercy is a lot like that new dog that throws up on your favorite rug. Sure, it eats half of it back up, but that’s hardly cause for celebration.

On that note, which is my way of feigning transition when really these two things are in no way related, I'm going to use my cell phone workout app to burn some over-flavored coffee calories, then try and write something. Ah, America...

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