Friday, June 1, 2012

The pleasures of fiction

I've been taking advantage of the summer months to get back to fiction (specifically, literary fantasy), which was my first love for years before I turned mostly to poetry.  It was also one of the biggest ways I'd bond with my father, who practically raised me on The Lord of the Rings, so writing it isn't only a fun challenge and a way to approach things in a slightly different way from my usual narrative poetry; it's kind of like coming home (even though this version of home has castle walls, exotic species, and occasionally speaks in italics).

Anyway, my first fantasy book, Wytchfire, was accepted for publication and should be coming out fairly soon in print and e-book format.  Warning: there's some humor there but it's also pretty dark... ok, VERY dark... kind of an allegory for racism and gay rights in which the good guys aren't always good and the bad guys aren't always bad.

I intended it to be the first of a series, though--and just the other night, finished the rough draft of the sequel, The Knight of the Crane, and made a pretty detailed outline for the other three books (with snippets already started).  Now, on to editing!

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