Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Musings from the Road (eh, kinda)

1. Thank you, Allison Joseph and SIU, for inviting me to Young Writers! As always, I was amazed by the caliber and questions of the students. Any time I have students asking me not only about publication and writing suggestions but if I've read a certain poem by so-and-so, I know I'm in the right profession.

2. Thank you also to Peter Lucas, editor of a certain badass journal named Prime Mincer, for buying me more drinks than I deserve.

3. Tomorrow, I'm driving up to Dekalb, Illinois, to continue the book tour and read for the House Cafe. I'll also be assisting such fine folks as Gillian King and Clint Cargile in their own young writers workshop, NIU style!

4. While in Carbondale, I had the pleasure of meeting up with not one, but three former students from my SIU days.

5. I decided that my sword collection was growing too large so following the events in Dekalb, I will be making my way to Elgin, IL, to drop off a zweihander, a Swedish saber, and an arming sword. In other words, I've been driving for three days with three really big, really sharp swords in my backseat.

6. Dear New York, in the words of George Orwell, "Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four." In other words, you did the right thing, and that's always something, but you took your sweet time about it. Thus I award you 50% credit.

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