Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yup, it's official. I still suck at blogging. Luckily, I'm a regular Viking when it comes to Being Awesome! Since that might be a matter of opinion, I'll wait a few minutes for anyone here to disagree.


Well, it's official! I'm awesome, by unanimous vote. OK, what's happened since I last typed here? Well, I was on Verse Daily a couple more times: Skandha and Diagnosing God.

Still teaching at Ball State University, still questing after that ever-elusive tenure line job and 2/2 teaching load, etc. It's summer now so I'm mainly concentrating on: 1) watching re-runs of "Rome" and "Spartacus," and 2) sending off submissions.

I have two more full-length poetry manuscripts done, polished, ready to go. It seems kinda silly to start on Book 5 when I'm still trying to get 3 and 4 published, though, so I'm tinkering with a little fiction right now. I actually have a fantasy novella forthcoming in a new journal called Realms. I pretty much have enough sci-fi and fantasy published to put together a short story collection, although there aren't many avenues for that.

More importantly, I'm looking to further my financial problems by investing in more edged weapons. This one's a beauty, albeit waaay out of my price range for now.

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