Sunday, May 16, 2010

I find it very odd that it takes time to get used to summer. This is--what?--my second official week of "vacation" and it still feels a little odd not to have to rush off to campus each morning. I'm gradually getting back to what must be my genetic norm, though: staying up until 7 or 8 in the morning, sleeping until sundown, getting up, drinking lots of coffee, writing, working out, starting the whole process over again, etc.

What's maybe even weirder is that I really don't think of summer as a vacation (although I probably would, if I were still doing factory work and suddenly had three months off). I like to keep busy and I don't really think of writing and even the dreaded submission process as "work."

Aside from writing new stuff as/when I can, I'm trying to get as much stuff out there/under consideration as possible. The other night, I spent about eight hours sending out poems and flash pieces, which I might do again tonight.

Oh, I was bored earlier so I went to Starbucks and read the latest issue of Bellevue Literary Review. Really good stuff! I actually found a lot of poems and prose pieces (fiction and non-fiction both) that I can probably use for Composition and Creative Writing next semester. I'm thinking of finally dragging myself into the 21st century, teaching-wise, and putting all my teaching materials up on a blog. I should add that I'm thoroughly gross and usually get my lesson plans done a month or two early. On the other hand, if I don't, I'll worry and obsess about it until it drives me nuts.

OK, that's all. Will post more when I actually have something important to say. ;)

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