Thursday, September 13, 2007

I just started a new teaching job at Ball State University. It's a bit different than SIU, but cool. I'm teaching four sections of Comp, all in computer classrooms. "Real Courage", my third chapbook (fourth collection) won the Terminus Chapbook Prize (judged by Thomas Lux) and should be coming out soon. It's named for the title poem, which is a joke about a constipated cross-dresser battling vampires.

I had a piece taken by Ploughshares recently, along with some more stuff in Margie and Asimov's. I'm also going on the Georgia Poetry Circuit early next year, which I'm pretty damn excited about. Otherwise, I'm very excited about finally (at the age of 30) clawing my way over the poverty line. To celebrate, I bought an HDTV (thus replacing the 18-inch I used until it wore out), and a Roman gladius... which I should probably say more about, but I always have trouble completing sentences that contain the phrase "18-inch" somewhere therein.

OK, that's all.

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